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Iconic Nail Polishes
These are all discontinued lacquers that, in my opinion, have achieved collector's status

I've added links on the brands for convenience in case you have never heard of them
Clarins 230 by itself, layered, comparison
Cult Nails Clairvoyant layered
OPI Mad as a Hatter by itself, comparison
Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger layered
OPI DS Original layered
OPI DS Glamour by itself, comparison 1, comparison 2, comparison 3
Ninja Polish Alexandrite layered
I don't own the following, but I know for sure they are cult favorites..
Chanel Holographic
Essie Starry Starry Night
OPI My Private Jet (Holographic Version)

If I forgot any (which I most likely did) please e-mail me with suggestions here!

Wish List
These are lacquers that I need for my personal collection and haven't been able to find yet

-OPI Vio-Let's Surf
-Chemistry Duochromes from Australia
-OPI My Private Jet (Holographic Version)
-OPI DS Design (US Version, since I already have the Japanese Version)

If you are a blogger who is willing to swap or a person who has feedback to show please e-mail me here

Indie Sellers I Trust
These are my suggestions of independent nail polish companies that I have bought from, and would recommend buying from.  None of these are affiliated with my blog, or are currently sending me nail polishes for review.

Polish For Days main
Candy Lacquer etsy
Glitter Daze etsy
Super Black Lacquers main
Glitter Unique (loose glitter) main

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