Friday, October 1, 2021

Nails ~ Purple shimmers

I wanted to incorporate three of my favorite finishes into one mani: holo, duochrome, and color-shifting shimmer. I liked the end result, but it was difficult to capture the beauty in pictures.


Although I used a purple at the very end of the tips, it came out looking darker than I wanted.


When I went through my nail art stash, I noticed that I really didn't have too many stickers left from my nail-art-obsessed days. This really needs to change, especially since the holidays are coming up. There is so many things I still have to learn, and there's so much out there to explore. This is what I love about polishing my nails: the possibilities are endless.


I think I wore this mani for a whole week. Regardless of the stickers, I was quite pleased with it. I think some geometric patterns would have looked nicer, something like diamonds or stars.

knuckle rings by S.A. Treasures

As a side note, and totally unrelated, I really like this new chapter in my life and my blog. I think I am ok with going a while without posting. Gone are the days where I stressed about "making content". Quality over quantity is my motto.


Especially, because my life has always been so busy with juggling everything. I think I am happy now with my little blog. I write when I can, when I want, without pressure. Last weekend I was decorating for Fall, and I was just enjoying the new season, and thinking about the holidays, etc. Of course, I wanted to do my nails and blog, but I am now living with a focus on prioritization.


Layering Order:
Kokoist Mega Stick Base Coat  Gel (I cure it for 90 sec. with Kokoist Le Blanc in low heat)
Kokoist Excel Builder Gel (I cure it for 30 sec. with Kokoist Le Blanc)
Essie Smooth-E Base Coat
2 coats Color Club Eternal Beauty
1 coat Dare To Wear Eternal (tips only)
1 coat Colors by Llarowe Love Me Some Blurple (tips only)
1 coat Enchanted Snowflake Syrup (tips only)
OPI Designer Series Topcoat

Where to buy in the US:
The Dare to Wear Duochrome is on their website. Color Club Holos are available on their website. CbL and EP are discontinued brands. Sterling Silver rings by S.A. Treasures.

Fine Print: If you find something wrong with this post, please let me know, broken links, typos, different opinions, etc. I am not a professional makeup artist, nor a nail tech, nor an aesthetician, so please take everything with a grain of salt. Actually, take anything found on the internet with a grain of salt <3

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