Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Nails ~ China Glaze IDK (new version)

This was really random but, I almost never go to Sally Beauty nowadays. A couple of years ago, I ran out of thinner, and I was close to one of those nail supply stores, so I went in with zero expectations (since I can never find anything good in there). To my surprise, they had the whole Flashback Collection. What a time to be alive, I thought. First of all, I did not even know that China Glaze had revived this, and secondly, I never thought I would find a holo in the wild, let alone inside a Sadly.

2 coats - Sun

I grabbed this one and 2NITE, which I will swatch later. I was not even sure these were "good ones' since I was in such a hurry, and not really thinking too much about nail polish. I have been focusing on other things lately, and I put nail polish in the back burner for 3 years. Now that I have more time and flexibility with my schedule, I can swatch and try all the purchases I made on a whim. I think I recall turning on my phone flashlight inside the never-well-lit store, and I saw the rainbow!

2 coats - Sun

I stopped hoarding polish like I used to, but in retrospect, I should have bought the whole collection; these are actually really good. I used to be in the loop all the time, and the old me would have known about this launch for a few months before it even happened. I am just thankful that I was there at the right place and the right time, because I got the two that I really wanted.

2 coats - Shade

Purple is my favorite nail polish color and this shade of purple is just so perfect in every way. I highly recommend it based on the formula and the color payoff alone. Additionally, I think this holographic pigment that they used is superior to the old one, in that it does not dull when topcoat is added. That being said, I took all these pictures before adding topcoat, so that it could be appreciated it in all its glory.

2 coats - Sun

This is my swatch of the original IDK, about 7 years ago. However, the camera I used and the lighting were different. I think it is best to look at other fellow blogger comparison swatches side by side: Throwback Lacquer has comparisons here and Real Polish Fanatic has them here. I do not own the old IDK anymore, I think I sold it or gave it away a while back. I had too many nail polishes, and I think this one did not make the cut for some reason. To be honest, I am relieved that it found its way back to me. This color is definitely a must have.

2 coats - Sun

The only thing I wasn't too happy about was the quality of the cap. As shown in the above pictures, it seems they are peeling. I have only used it once and I don't remember if it came in contact with any chemicals (namely, acetone) to be looking like an old nail polish bottle already. The other one I got (2NITE) was peeling as well.

Australian White Opal & Sterling Silver rings by S.A. Treasures

Check out the Youtube video here

Layering Order:
Essie Smooth-E Base Coat
2 coats China Glaze IDK (new version from the Flashback Collection 2018)
Not Top Coat in these pictures

Where to buy in the US:
Sadly, just like the original OMG collection, this was limited edition. This would probably be found on blog sales or somewhere online.

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