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Skincare ~ 23 Years Old Cocoon Silk Mask

This mask is one of my HG beauty items. I am unsure if this type of product has penetrated the US market broadly enough, so I will explain. This type of mask is a one-time, low-preservative or preservative free facial serum, soaked onto a sheet of various materials (cloth, jelly, paper, etc.). The purpose is to provide the skin with a boost, using specific ingredients targeted for different skin concerns. So for example, if your routine mostly consist of hydrating products, you might get a mask for brightening dull skin. Conversely, if your routine has too many resurfacing products, you might get masks for moisturizing and calming the skin. Most regular masks do this, but the difference is that this type of mask creates a spa-like experience at home.

23 Years Old Mask packaging

The purpose of this one is to provide moisture and youth. I went ahead and copy/pasted the google translation (please note: I do not know the accuracy of this, and I do not read/speak Korean). I've placed question marks next to the words that were suspicious.

Description and Ingredients, taken from google translate from the picture of the back of the package

It really is strange when thinking about the ingredient that makes this mask special: silk. The source is from the cocoon of the caterpillar. So this is definitely not for vegans or for people who do not like using animal products on their face. Insects, no less. I have to admit that I was shocked when I first googled what it was. Funny story, but when I bought it for the first time I had no idea, because google picture translation was not available at the time (circa 2017 or so). I simply thought: well this is white and that word looks like coconut, maybe this is a typo. I love this mask so much that I have back ups at hand almost always.

23 Years Old Mask taken out of the package (it looks like a Halloween item)

The mask looks really weird when it's on, because it doesn't even have a hole for the mouth. If I don't cut one, I cannot talk for 15-20 minutes. I usually keep my mouth shut, because I am not interested in tasting the butterfly-wannabe's old blanket! When I took off the first mask that I tried years ago, I was immediately in love with what it did for my skin. So much so that I got over the 'yuck' and spooky factors right away. I have repurchased it many times ever since. This makes my skin supple and recharged. I have very picky, sensitive skin, and when it likes something to this level, I know it is good. I am not the only one who thinks so, I have seen other reviews and raves about this mask. I use it about once a month. Lunlun or Haba masks smell a bit better, and are more enjoyable and accessible for me, so I use those a bit more frequently; roughly once a week. Compared to its cream counterpart (Cocoon TT Cream) this mask has a very faint scent.

Texture of the serum in the mask

If you're a nerd like me, you will go to google scholar and type "silk cocoon skin", where you can find all sorts of articles about skin regeneration and repair thanks to this ingredient. I sometimes sleep with a silk pillow case for the same reason, because it is good for the hair and the skin. My hair is less frizzy in the morning for sure. Back to this mask, there are many benefits that I've experienced, and I have never been disappointed after removing the sheet. This is almost comparable to the SKII masks and it's half the price. For me, this is a "rescue" mask, hence the back ups. This will make my skin 'normal' again when I overdo the acids (AHA, BHA, or Vitamin C), or when I have been exposed to the sun without sunscreen, or exposed for too long past the time when it is effective, after a long trip, and after I accidentally physically overexfoliate. I also use it as a "pick me up" if I have dull looking skin. Mostly, I like it because of the moisturizing qualities. The claim about the wrinkles is not something that I can attest to, because I am a firm believer that genetics, age, and a good routine play much bigger roles in appearance of wrinkles than a one-time-use skincare product.

Important, when buying Korean skincare, one must look at the expiration date. This was new to me when I started getting into Asian beauty products. I used to get my stuff at Sephora and Nordstrom, and neither American nor European products had the exact expiration date nor the manufacturing date on the labels. However, South Korean products all have it. Even lipsticks. Here is a guide:

Characters to look for in packaging labels

One last note about masks. I think they are a bit controversial. To be honest, I don't know where half of my stuff comes from. I wish I did. All I know is that this company is well regarded in South Korea. I hope these are made by robots. I really do. I've read stories (mostly on Reddit) about how some of these masks are made. Allegedly, they are produced by extremely-low income families in extremely-poor housing (not even factories), and they are severely underpaid. Meaning less than 1 cent for folding a mask. So I always suggest that people do their research before purchasing a product (this applies for anything). I do not know if any of this is true, as the people who talk about this never show receipts, but every time I crack open one of these masks I think of this:

just a meme from the movie Parasite

Where to buy in the US:

Physically, they used to be available at Riley Rose, which was a short-lived Asian beauty supply store a la Ulta, and I used to buy it from Image before the pandemic. Online, they used to carry it at RoseRoseShop, but not anymore (they have a cocoon mask by JMsolution but I did not like that one as much). It is on YesStyle (where I got this one), and Jolse, so I am assuming that when my back ups run low I will purchase it from them. I don't buy things like this on Amazon because of fakes.

Fine Print: If you find something wrong with this post, please let me know, broken links, typos, different opinions, etc. These items were purchased by me or sent to me by a friend. The above are not affiliated links. The opinions on this post are mine. I am not a professional makeup artist, nor a nail tech, nor an aesthetician, so please take everything with a grain of salt. Actually, take anything found on the internet with a grain of salt <3

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