Friday, August 6, 2021

Nails ~ China Glaze Having a Crystal Ball

This is nail polish is from the Halloween 2020 Collection. Although Halloween was kind of canceled last year, but oh well.

I didn't care for the name. To be honest, this sounds like something OPI would try to pull off. The only reason I got this is because I had a CVS coupon, and it looked like it was a duochrome. Sadly, the shift did not translate at all onto the nails, plus I really struggled with the formula. The first coat was really patchy. The good thing is I was able to even it out with a thickish second coat.

The color was great. Even though IRL it seemed streaky, the pictures turned out pretty good. I agree that this is a Halloween color, especially paired with some black and orange glitters.

Last year was seriously underwhelming for nail polish. I believe I bought like 4 polishes all year. That is crazy for someone like me. The other 3 were Color Club Lucky Charm, OPI Pile on the Sprinkles, which was disappointing, and Chanel Chaine D'or, which was actually decent. I did purchase several gels from Kokoist and Riccagel, because I want to keep practicing my gel technique. They never disappoint, so I guess things evened out.

2 coats - Sun

2 coats - Sun

2 coats - Sun

2 coats - Shade

2 coats - Sun

Layering Order:
Essie Smooth-E Base Coat
2 coats China Glaze Having A Crystal Ball
No Top Coat

Where to buy in the US:
Physical stores include CVS, Ulta, and Sally's

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