Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Makeup ~ Kose Lip Coat Lip Gel Magic

This seems pretty self-explanatory. A lip coat is like a nail polish topcoat, except for the lips. It protects whatever layers of color are underneath. At least in theory.

Front and back of packaging

Kose is a well known brand in Asia. I am no expert because I don't live there, but to me they are like Shiseido. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. They have sub-brands, and several lines within a big umbrella of skincare and makeup products. I have tried a few lipsticks (lipbalms?) from them, which were ok, and their Sekkisei skincare line, which I recently saw at Costco.

Translation of description from google app.

I am not too convinced about the translation but I have posted it above for reference. I think this video gives a better explanation. But like I said, the product itself is pretty self explanatory. In fact, I have seen some similar products pop up on my Instagram's ad feed lately. According to my friend from the UK, this is not even a new concept. They've had Lipcote for years, which is easily found in drugstores like Boots and Superdrug.

The tube right out of the package

I was a bit skeptical at first, and honestly, this is not a miracle product, but it does the job. It seems like it works best with dryish blotted lipsticks, as opposed to creamy, balmy, or glossy ones. I think I am ok with that since I would not expect this to stretch the longevity of a product that I bought for its moisturizing properties and not its staying power. I hope that makes sense.

Appearance, consistency, texture, and color

There are 2 versions, one colorless, and the one I got which is slightly glittery/shimmery. This lip coat will mattify the lipstick slightly, and I believe they say it somewhere in the packaging. They also recommend to blot the lipstick prior to application. I prefer to just apply my lipstick not too generously, and wait for it to set about 20 minutes, and then apply this Lip Coat. I haven't had any issues so far. I follow the directions to shake it, although I think it is pointless without an agitator (i.e.: a stainless steel ball bearing).

Opened tube, very hygienic

The good thing I like about this product is that you can share it if you want. I was getting coffee with my mom the other day, and since prior to that, I had only used it with a plastic applicator which I sanitize in between, I offered it for her to try before ordering our drinks. I used the clean wooden coffee stirrer (plastic stopper works too) and I asked her to try it and let me know her experience. She had her original lipstick look good when I dropped her off after 4 hours.

Lip stain on cup while wearing Kose Lip Gel Magic

Lip stain on cup while wearing only lipstick

I live in Los Angeles County, where face coverings (i.e.: masks) are required virtually everywhere in 2020/2021, so I definitely splurged on this product. I think it was around $22 with tax. I found it at Shibuyala, a Japanese beauty supply store near Downtown. I was sold when I noticed that not only it did not transfer to the mask, but my drink seemed intact. Ever since, the wow factor has worn off, but I still think it is pretty amazing. For reference, I wore a Chanel lipstick in the above picture; and if you're are curious about my drink, it was an Oatmilk Honey Latte (now discontinued).

Left: lipstick with Kose Lip Gel Magic, this swatch was done first, by pressing lightly on the tissue paper after wearing this combo for a long day of errands
Right: without Lip Gel Magic, on the same day, I applied lipstick lightly on top of what I was wearing (the combo I mentioned) just to swatch it for the blog

I hope my swatches made sense, but as always, feel free to send me some questions (there's a contact tab at the top). I think I will definitely repurchase this when I run out, even if the face coverings become outdated. It feels really comfortable on the lips, and even though it is an extra step, the application is easy. I don't know if it will work for the pool, or Vegas hot Summer, or even Orlando's humid Spring days. However, I really believe that it is versatile and functional enough that I would keep it around in my stash and when traveling.

Where to buy in the US:
Unfortunately, this is not easy to find, YesStyle had it for a while and now it is sold out. I found it at Shibuyala in Los Angeles, so if you are in the area you can try to get it there. 

Fine Print: If you find something wrong with this post, please let me know, broken links, typos, different opinions, etc. I am not a professional makeup artist, nor a nail tech, nor an aesthetician, so please take everything with a grain of salt. Actually, take anything found on the internet with a grain of salt <3

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