Sunday, September 20, 2020

Other ~ Hello Nail Polish Lovers

Long time no see. I am sort of, maybe back. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from all the BS from last year TBH (read previous post). Anyway, I hope this year is different. I see Blogger hasn't changed much, it's almost like the developers have the type of personality that does not move things around too much after they clean or tidy up their place. They never purchase new furniture, because the one they have is just functional enough. Who knows!

A lot has changed for me though. For one thing, I am using one space after the period, instead of two. That's huge. Well, I am obviously avoiding talking/writing about anything too personal at this point. I mainly closed my store (SV by Sparkly Vernis polishes) because I got sick, but I am doing better now, in case you were curious. Shortly after that, I made a career change that took me like 2 years to achieve, but that's done, thankfully.

I really got into gel nails, and although I am not really that good at it (I still get bumps, heat spikes, and uncovered edges), I am working on getting better at it. The main reason why I used gels so much these past couple of years was because I was busy all the time, and this stuff lasts a lot on me. Same reason why I stayed away from blogging or social media. Now, I can realistically go back to 'regular' nail polish.

I've been into other things lately, like Asian skincare, which I will probably share here in my blog very soon. Makeup too! I've always been into high-end makeup mainly because of the packaging--I am a sucker for beautiful packaging--and Asian makeup really goes above and beyond when it comes to packaging.

I think I am just going to do random reviews of whatever I can think of, just honest and organic reviews. You can find me on Youtube, I'll be posting short videos of the swatches there. No reviews, because I am keeping this old school, and everything will be on the blog. So I guess for people who like/have time to read. I still have Instagram, I will post pics there when I can. Again, no reviews, those will be here on the blog. Oh, and I also have Storyfire now. Let's see how that goes.


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