Sunday, July 15, 2018

Nfu Oh JS09 & JS19

This is a little layering experiment I did.  I just wanted to celebrate Summer with a girly mani,  These are my natural nails; to be honest they are a bit high maintenance and hard to keep up, but so worth it.  I am currently taking biotin and eating healthy, and just being patient with them.  The kokoist gel helps tremendously too (reviewed here).

Layering Order:
Presto Basecoat
Led 5-45 Lamp
Kokoist Excel Builder
Led 5-45 Lamp
3 coats Nfu Oh JS09 (pinky and middle base only)
1 coat Nfu Oh JS19 + 1 coat Nfu Oh JS09 + 1 coat Nfu Oh JS19 (ring and index)
3 coats Nfu Oh JS19 (middle tip only)
1 coat Maybelline Colorama 35
1 coat EB nuru-28
1 coat Poshe basecoat
1 coat Maybelline Colorama 35
Seche Vive Topcoat

Where to buy in the US:
Coloramas are discontinued
EB (Eternal Beauty by Dear Laura) is a Japanese polish.

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