Sunday, July 22, 2018

Neon and Gold Summer mani

Recently, I was at a store and received a compliment on my nails.  Random, but that inspired me to do a little more.  I have been kind of in a rut lately (AKA busy), and I had been neglecting my nails a bit.  I was wearing the yellow-peach mani and a sales associate at a beauty supply said "wow those look so good", and I told her I did them myself.  She said "can I have your card?".  I felt super flattered, as I have gotten compliments before, but never did people thought I was a nail tech.  It's funny how something so simple can brighten your day/week.  I went home and took them off and thought, hey these are really long, I bet I can do some artsy stuff, plus I have time, so why not.

Now for those of you who are new to the nail polish world, I will to tell you a little story.  Once upon a time there was a store called American Apparel (AA), it was back when unicorns were not even famous, yet this store had the same rainbows and cupcakes sort of vibe.  Their clothes was a bit over the top for me --think onesies and furry stuff-- but their polishes, oh my.  They were, and are up to date, my second favorite neons (Dare to Wear are my favorite).  The polishes were awesome and so cheap.  I acquired a few, and later sold or gave them away, except for the 4 neons I liked.  The happily ever after of this story is that the founder of AA was held accountable for what he did, and I believe this was one of the very early cases of the #metoo movement.

This mani was inspired solely by the shape of the gold stickers and by the sunny days in my city; but also, by those brave girls that spoke up!  What I like about wild nails like these is that they are girly, and they don't really ask for a men's opinion.  I feel like these long pointy nails with negative space theme are not only artsy, but daring.  They are just how I feel.  Not sure if men read this blog or not, but if you do, I just want to let you know that we do our nails for ourselves, and we don't really care about your opinion on them.  Recently, I saw a post on instagram about pointy nails (this one, gross), and I got so triggered.  Meh, such is life (((2018 people!)))... anyway, this rant is over.  Enjoy the pics.

Layering Order:
Presto Basecoat
Led 5-45 Lamp
Kokoist Excel Builder
Led 5-45 Lamp
2 coats American Apparel Neon Coral (pinky only)
2 coats American Apparel Neon Pink (ring only)
2 coats American Apparel Neon Yellow (middle only)
2 coats Cosmetic Arts Frenzy (index only)
2 coats Super Black Lacquers Bloom (thumb only)
Clou Gold Triangle Stickers
Poshe basecoat
Seche Vite topcoat

Where to buy in the US:
American Apparel no longer sells nail polish, they sell clothes online, but a judge determined they could not have any stores in the US after they filed for bankruptcy
Cosmetic Arts is a discontinued polish, I believe there is a Color Club dupe out there (Pucci-licious?)
The stickers are from Daily Charme

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These items were purchased by me or sent to me by a friend.  The above are not affiliated links.


  1. I love this. That is a fun mix of patterns and colors and every mani looks better with gold sparkle, right?! Sooo pretty.