Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart (New Version)

I've been trying to grow my nails a bit, and they looked awkward at the beginning stages; so now that I got them where I want them I can go back to posting more regularly.  I'm also thinking about posting some skincare, so we shall see.

I received this lovely polish as a gift from a dear friend who knows I love purples and shifters.  I have been a fan of Ethereal since the beginning (see my original WA swatch here), but I was so busy (plus I'm not on social media a lot) that I completely forgot about the restock.  Thank God for friends :)

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how I feel about this, so let's address the elephant in the room: the name.  Yes, I think the name should have been different if this polish was going to look different than the first one.  Perhaps this one could have been called Worlds Together?  If you have not been reading my blog, you can read about my stance on accurate descriptions in older posts (examples: Elevation and Lilypad).  Moreover, I had a short-lived indie polish line, and when I ran out of the pigment to make City Chic, I named its successor City Chic 2, because it was different.

Having said that, I really think this polish is beautiful.  Not only because I like purple jellies and the whole 230 pigment going on, but because I see this as an updated version.  Yes, I love the original very much, and I still have it, but this one is so unique and fresh.  This feels more 2018 to me.

The formula was on the thick side, and I had to add 20 drops of thinner (I use OPI thinner).  Other than that, I think the finish was great.  The pigment was saturated, as expected.  The shift was exactly the same, because I did a comparison with the old one in different lighting situations, and I took tone comparison pics, blew them up in my computer, etc.  This is the original pigment, the coveted UP that is now in vogue.

If you don't like VNL (visible nail line) then this would be more suitable as a layering polish, although I suggest a light base here (like a lavender or a soft mauve), because it has a slight white cast that would show up over dark colors.  This bottle looks like my Clarins 230 before it got all murky.

I love looking at kawaii nails that are glossy and sheer, and this new Worlds Apart reminds me of them.  I think it definitely conveys the idea behind a 230-inspired-indie-polish as a classic meets futuristic nails.

Layering Order:
Presto Basecoat
Led 5-45 Lamp
Kokoist Excel Builder
Led 5-45 Lamp
3 coats Ethereal Lacquer Worlds Apart (New Version)
Guerlain Topcoat

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