Wednesday, January 31, 2018

F.U.N. Lacquer Flashing Lights

Hello again!  Ok, I couldn't do Instagram.  I tried!

It's just not for me.  I really dislike social media, and the algorithms of the home page, comments, posts, etc.  I don't know how long Blogger will be up, it's really not the best either.  I know a lot of people have stopped blogging (burnt out); and that it used to be a thing 10 years ago, but not anymore.  Remember when people used to say " I write a blog about..."?  I haven't heard that in a long time, but as long as this platform is up, I will post here.

One thing though, I added ads.  If you really dislike them you can try installing an ad blocker, maybe.  I tried to make them as discrete as possible.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to enhance your experience here.

Alright, on to the polish.  I am not buying as much polish as I used to, but when I see something like this on sale, it's hard to resist.  This one has holographic dust (I wish it had more), and a really nice UP-like pigment <--- yes, I will be using np world lingo, because who else reads this blog?

I think the pigment was cute, but not really obvious, unless you really looked at it up close.  The shift was ok, but this pigment made the polish a bit gritty.  I don't know how to explain it, but it just looked bumpy overall.  I liked this shade of grey-white on my skin.  I think that I will possibly franken with it, and add a bit of SF or something.  I love FUN, but I have to say this was the first disappointing polish I got from them.

End post, RANT ahead.

Well, I should probably explain why I dislike instagram so much, instead of being so cryptic.  At first, it was just glitchy, and to me it was (and it still is until this day) very frustrating that they do not allow for a direct repost.  They do not have an "enter key", so I have to carefully type what I want to say on a notepad on my phone, and then copy paste there, if I want a sentence to begin in a new line.  There is no way to see all of the comments in one place.  Sometimes, I get a notification that someone made a comment, and I have to scroll up and down until my eyes hurt, to see where, what, who posted.  Finally, what did it for me, is that I do not see the posts that I really want on my feed.  I tried to enable notifications for it on my phone, for when bloggers I follow post something new; but I must be dumb or something, because I get redirected to my phone settings, and nothing happens.  Oh and don't get me started on accidentally swiping on a post and losing the spot of what I was watching or accidentally tapping on someone's live story (with sound!).  I get the appeal of IG, it's just not for me.

Layering Order:
Gucci Basecoat
2 coats F.U.N. Lacquer Flashing Lights
Seche Vite topcoat

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