Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beige Gel Mani with Fuchsia Shattered Glass accent

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been experimenting with some nail art supplies that I purchased online.  This is the infamous fairy dust (which only works with gels, sadly) over a beige OPI creme.  The accent is just fuchsia cellophane with some butterfly stickers.  Tomorrow I will post the epic mani I did for PHAMexpo, using crystals.

Layering Order:
Gelish Vitagel Nail Strengthener Basecoat
2 coats OPI Gel Be There in a Proseco
Fairy Dust
Fuchsia Cellophane (I used Fiskars pinking shears to cut the triangles)
China Glaze Gelaze Topcoat


  1. Wow that fairy dust makes the beige look amazing! <3

    1. Hi :) yes! there will be no boring neutrals, as long as this is a topper!