Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stripe-y Gel Mani

This is my first time wearing all gel.  I have been experimenting with gel polish, combined with NPB peel-off Basecoat and "regular" nail polish.  I do not like the removal of these, so I try to stay away.  Moreover, I love changing my mani every day if I can or every other day, so there is no need to wear gels.

These were all hand me downs from my friend K.  I love the way they look together, because they compliment each other.  The good thing is that the China Glaze Gelaze colors are the gel counterparts of "regular" China Glaze colors, so it is easy to recreate this look without reaching out for the gel versions.

From doing this mani, I have learned that nail art with gels is challenging, to say the least.  Any mistake will stay.  After you cure, you cannot fix anything with a brush and remover, as you would with "regular" polish.  I also think that it would be better to add a coat of topcoat to make the tape or stencil stay, and then proceed with the layers of color.  The stencils tend to want to 'unstick' from gels.

Side note: the topcoat that I'm holding in the pictures is great, and currently on-sale at cosmoprof.  If you like gels, give this one a try.

Layering Order:
Gelish Vitagel Nail Strengthener Basecoat
China Glaze Gelaze Secret Peri-wink-le
China Glaze Gelaze Below Deck
Fuse E-motion
ASP Studio 54 (index only)
Holographic Stripping tape 1mm and 3mm
Starpro Universal Topcoat


  1. Lovely indeed! Love the color and design. I find it unique and classy. Love it!!!

    1. Thank you! The design came up better than I had pictured it in my head, but playing with gels is really tricky!