Monday, May 9, 2016

Finger Paints Lunar Flare

I'm having a lot of fun with gels lately.  Not that it would ever substitute "regular polish", which was something that I was afraid of in the beginning, but it opens a whole new world of possibilities.  The gel topcoat alone, was a life changer.  I was able to get smooth nail art and chunky glitters.

This gel topcoat has sparse turquoise to blue flakies that are very magical.  I was mostly trying to see if they would show up over a holo, and if the gel would not dull the holographic effect.  I would say that the holographic flamed was a bit affected, although not faded completely.  I need to do more experiments.  The flakies did show up, since Ultra Violet is dark, but not as much as they would over cremes, which is something that I expected.  I like these, but they are bumpy city, and very chunky.  I buffed my nails somewhat, but quickly learned that you are not supposed to do that with gels.  I cut others that were sticking out.  Not too much fun, but the mani looked great for a couple of days.

Layering Order:
Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter-A-Peel Basecoat
2 coats Bear Pawlish Ultra Violet
OPI DS Topcoat
2 coats Finger Paints Gel Polish Lunar Flare
China Glaze Gelaze Topcoat

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