Friday, April 8, 2016

Barielle with ProSina My City Apartment

This is a brand new product from the Barielle ProSina Signature Collection.  This applies like a dream.  It feels really luxurious on application, and the coverage is great, at two easy coats.  If you recall, the color, it is true to the original My City Apartment, a chic nail creme that looks exactly like the color on the bottle.  No green or green hues, just a true grey.

This collection, which can be found here, is infused with a hydrolized keratin, which acts like a treatment.  Barielle says that it "improves the durability and elasticity of the nail plates, as it penetrates the nails and skin to provide the ultimate hydration to repair damaged cuticles and nails".  They have many other treatments with ProSina, not just color, that are worth checking out.

I did a quick 4 day test without basecoat and I loved it.  My nails did not chip or feel dried at all.  It felt like I was wearing basecoat the whole time, which I am a huge fan of.  I saw minor tip-wear only on my right hand by the end of day three, and on my left, on day four.  Overall, I would totally recommend this for the color and high-end-feel formula alone.

Layering Order:
2 coats Barielle with ProSina My City Apartment
Fnug Topcoat