Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ever After Bite Me

This is a modern take on the white holos.  It has a hint of pink and grey.  The shimmer is very inconspicuous, but it can be seen at certain angles, and I believe it gives depth to the polish.  I find this very complex, although my skin tone does not agree with it.  I will have to try this in the summer.

The bonus is that it is a great base color for other white holos.

Layering Order:
Gucci Basecoat
2 coars Ever After Bite Me
OPI DS Topcoat


  1. This is such a pretty polish. I like that it has the neutral thing going for it, with holo! Thank you for the beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Lara, your're always welcome :) yay for cool neutrals!