Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lacquistry Rediculous

Just when you think the holidays are over, and you are ready to put away all of your green and red nail polishes, comes Valentine's Day right around the corner.  But seriously, where did January go?

I still had this untried from last Xmas (yes, 2014), and so I decided to just slap it on for kicks.  I was so impressed with its finish and depth.  My friend @wegotpolish always raves about it and I finally get why.  Sorry I'm talking in IG lingo, but I think that by now most of you at least have a lurker account.  I cannot stress how much I dislike that media outlet, but I might leave that rant for another post.

Anyway, Rediculous was a bit on the pink side.  I really wish that it was a true red.  Maybe that's the reason why I never wore it on holiday season.  I tried to minimize the fuchsia undertones by layering it over an orange toned creme, and I think it worked.  It did not stain upon removal, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Layering Order:
Gucci basecoat
1 coat OPI Coca-Cola Red
1 coat Lacquistry Rediculous
Dior Gel Coat


  1. I really need to pick this up some time!

    1. Yes! And this is definitely a must-have, whether you are a red lover or not <3