Saturday, August 22, 2015

Nail wipes review

I know this sounds random, but I've been needing to remove my nail polish on-the-go lately.  I think these have been around for quite a while, but I haven't paid attention.  I have used the Sally Hansen ones before, they were awful; and the La Fresh ones, but they are expensive and solely available online.  I've also tried the ones from Rite Aid, and they are ok, but this is a drugstore that is not everywhere in the US.  Recently, I came across the Ulta ones (3 pads at $3.99) and the Target brand ones (10 pads at $3.49).  I love them both.  My favorite ones are the Target Nail Polish Remover Pads.  Here is why:

-the ingredients include oils
-more pads per box, per dollar
-1 pad removes all 10 nails
-it removes glitter nail polish faster (but for glitter manis you will need more than 1 wipe for all 10 nails)
-no significant smell or after-scent
-does not dry your skin

The Ulta ones are good too, but if you have a Target nearby, I suggest those instead.  The Ulta ones will remove the nail polish really fast too, but it doesn't have any oils, just glycerin, which is a cheap moisturizer.  The only thing I noticed is that, it doesn't have any artificial coloring.  I don't understand who was the genius at Target, who decided that it was ok to add 'color' to the pads.  To me, it seems unnecessary.  The Ulta ones have no smell either, so it's good.  Although, the La Fresh ones are not pictured here, I think that it's worth mentioning that they have the best scent out of all the pads I've tried.  Those ones did not do a great job at removing glitter, which is another reason why I don't go out of my way to buy them.

Hope this helps someone!

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