Friday, August 28, 2015

Bare for Brave - My thoughts on the Mentality fiasco

I wanted to wear my nails bare, to show my support for those brave ladies that showed their affected bare nails, in order to warn us about the damage that some Mentality Polishes have caused.  I'm not going to write some bs about how it 'allegedly' causes nails to look burnt.  I noticed that some of the articles out there, including the ones from famous magazines, are using the word allegedly.  I want to make this clear for my readers.  These are not just allegations that can be brushed away, these are facts.  All the ladies who have posted severe nail damage have one common denominator: they have used the indie brand Mentality.

We are not "freaking out", we are genuinely concerned for the health of these people who used those products. Ever since I found out, I thought about this issue every day, and I wanted to find a way to talk/write about it.  I just couldn't find the words to express my frustration.  I thought to myself what would I do if that happened to me? And what about all the guilt that they must be feeling for doing what they simply love?  I know that feeling, and it's not a fun one. Today, I want to thank them publicly, for doing what they did, for posting those pictures of their bare nails, and raising awareness.

I am angry.  This is the word that most accurately sums up my opinion about this horrible ordeal. Not only am I angry at the way that the company has handled this situation, but I am angry at how deceiving one can person be, and ruin people's trust.  When they state that they have tested their nail polish while they're making it, because it simply splashes onto their clothes, I get angry. When they post new sales and swatches, and new gel polishes, I get angry and sad.  I feel really bad for anyone who is starting up a new indie polish company, because thanks to Mentality, no one is going to want to venture with newer brands anymore.  The indie community was already in decline and this was a stab in the heart.

I could really go on about all the things that sum up my reaction and feelings, but this post is about supporting those bloggers and customers who have posted the truth, and have opened our eyes.  Thank you.

Please join me in supporting them by posting your bare nails with the tag #bareforbrave


  1. #bareforbrave

    Great post. My nails have one coat of nail envy today. I'd already done it before reading this.

    I too feel sad for the new, bright indies just starting out. Hopefully the indie scare will settle as the facts about the cause emerge

    1. Hopefully Sue. When we met, I remember the analogy that you told me. I'm paraphrasing but, you said that it's the equivalent of someone who loves their hair, having it chopped off or burnt down at the root. Waiting for it to grow back, the way that it used to be :(

  2. Thank you for writing this. I am angry too. I frown every time I hear the word "sensitivity" used. Those poor girls' fingernails do not look like a case of sensitivity to me! >:(

    1. Yes! this is a very good point that I forgot to mention. Thank you for bringing that up. If everyone is sensitive to cyanide, then it cannot called be sensitivity anymore. If it causes the exact same reaction on all users, then it doesn't make sense to call it that.