Monday, April 13, 2015

Deborah Lippmann Raspberry Beret is a 2-coater cherry crelly with flakies

My nails are long again.  I try to file them, instead of cutting them, and I get lazy sometimes.  I found that doing that (plus using OPI Nail Envy) got rid of most of the peelies.  I poked myself over the weekend, so please ignore the red dot on the middle finger.

This was a really creamy flakie.  The application was nice and I liked that it dried super fast, and I didn't have to use a fast drying topcoat.  Coverage was excellent too.  The flakies were abundant, and I had no problem getting them on the nails.  They didn't have a strong color shift, but they were really glowy.  This color reminded me of Raise Your Glass, but a few shades darker and leaning more towards red.

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
2 coats Deborah Lippmann Raspberry Beret
Dior Gel Coat