Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby Blue Jelly Sandwich and #tbt

I haven't posted a jelly sandwich in a while, and all this talk about Spring and Easter made me want to do a pastel jelly sandwich.  I have a few Nfu Oh jellies that are still untried, and I have been meaning to use this one, to see how it compared to RBL Bikini Bottom.  It is definitely different enough, but it can also act as a good substitute.

The more I make nail polish, the more I appreciate things like this.  I mean, it it really hard to make a light color into a jelly, because to make something light, you need to add white, and when you do, if too diluted it can get really patchy.  Nfu Oh jellies are out of this world, and I cannot recommend them enough.  Here's a couple of TBT Nfu Oh jelly posts: JS27 and JS16.

Layering Order:
Butter London Nail Foundation
1 coat Nfu Oh JS15
1 coat Wet n Wild Correction Tape
1 coat Nfu Oh JS15
Dior Gel Coat