Friday, December 26, 2014

SV Snowflakies (NYE 2014)

I want to start a new tradition.  The trends of the year in one nail polish.  I feel like flakies and holographics were big this year, especially for indies.  So I created Snowflakies to represent both, and the name goes well with the Wintery theme.  I added my own touch of shimmer and sparkles.  These flakies are different than the ones that we are used to.  They don't shift to green, instead, they are an ethereal light blue.  They have a slight shift to pink, but you really have to look for the right angle.  I really didn't think too much of them at first, but then, they started growing on me.  Moreover, I realized that some flakies look better in pictures than in real life, and these seemed like the opposite to me.  I finally decided to make them a topper, and tweaked the formula so that it could be worn alone at three coats too.  New Year is in less than a week, so this is already available on the website here.

Layering Order:
Butter London Nail Foundation Basecoat
3 coats SV by Sparkly Vernis Snowflakies (NYE 2014)
Dior Gel Coat


Layering Order:
2 coats SV by Sparkly Vernis Blueberry Fields Forever
1 coat SV by Sparkly Vernis Snowflakies (NYE 2014)
Dior Gel Coat


  1. Loving the name - you need one called Snow-man!!
    We have snow here right now!

  2. This looks gorgeous. Love it in the sunshine :-D Looks good over the other one too :-D

    1. Thank you, they shine really nice in the sun, but in real life, they are great in the shade too