Friday, December 5, 2014

Pahlish Pop Rock Panic is a shimmery duochrome-y holographic

This is another LE that I ordered a couple of weeks ago.  I really love it, but then again, I am a sucker for purple holos.  This one is on the sheer side, but the formula is buildable.  It has shimmer that shifts from purple to pink, although on the website, they called it small neon flakies.  Whatever it is, it is gorgeous in real life.  I don't think that I was able to capture its beauty in these pictures.

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
3 coats Pahlish Pop Rock Panic
no topcoat in these pictures


  1. It's really pretty and I like the little logo :-)

    1. Thanks! That was for halloween, but it's so cute, that I think they should keep it all year!