Monday, December 8, 2014

Frozen pink and blue gradient

I've been spending more time on pinterest lately, and I stumbled across this pin.  I placed my cup of hot tea on the desk, and stared at the screen.  It was one of those moments when you feel like the world stops and time stays still.  Without blinking for what felt like five minutes, I thought to myself "I need to do this, I could do this".  I decided to do my own version with different nail polishes, I hope I kept the escence of it.  Here is the complete post that inspired this mani, check it out; this Blogger gets full credit for today's Wintery mani,

Layering Order:
2 coats NailNation 3000 Kenzie
2 coats Dance Legend Through the Glass (base of the nails only)
Silver holographic dots and snowflakes, and blue diamond shaped glitter
OPI DS Topcoat


  1. Okay this looks utterly amazing! I love it :-D I really love it in the first photo :-)

    1. Thank you, that DL photographs really well. My favorite pic is the last one in the shade :)