Tuesday, November 18, 2014

NailNation Not Your Average Girl is a complex holiday shade

There was recently a mix up with one of my NailNation orders, and Maria kindly offered to send me an unreleased shade.  This is a gorgeous burgundy holographic with subtle sparks of iridescent glitters.  These were really hard to capture on camera, and they are also inconspicuous on the nail.  They are really sparse, and I really like it the way it is.

This shade of red is really pretty in real life, and it has a nicely distributed gold shimmer that only appears at some angles, and in certain light conditions.  This is one of those holographics that are nice and strong in the sun, but have a really special shimmer indoors.  My pictures don't do it justice.

Layering Order:
Chanel Protective Basecoat
2 coats NailaNation 3000 Not Your Average Girl
OPI DS Topcoat