Thursday, October 9, 2014

Literary Lacquers A Thousand Christmas Trees is a sparkly green to wear all year round

I couldn't post yesterday.  I might stop posting on Wednesdays for a while, as it's getting hard for me to keep up.

This beautiful green is from last year, and I don't have anything like it in my stash.  It is rather unique.  It has scattered sparkly microglitters that don't interrupt the holographic effect and they are virtually smooth to the touch.  I know some people really dislike glitters in perfectly good holos, but they are really nice, when done right.

I think that Literary Lacquers did really good with this one.  I love it that it's a 2-coater, but I probably could have done three coats for a little bit more depth.

Layering Order:
Literary Lacquers A Thousand Christmas Trees
OPI DS Topcoat