Friday, August 29, 2014

OPI I Carol About You and Kiss Me or Elf! look great together

This just in... Gwen Stefani has another collection, and this one has some good looking microshimmers.  Below are my two picks.  They are fantastic in formula and color.  It took me a bit to get passed the chunky *shrugs* taco glitters, to actually start noticing these colors on the shelf.  Not to mention the trying-to-hard-to-be-funny names on the bottom of the bottles.  The purple one is a great addition to my purple stash, I don't have any other like it.  I saw more pink shimmer on the bottle than on the nail, but the overall look was really nice, nonetheless.  The pink one reminded me of that pink Marc Jacobs that my my friend Erin raves about.  This one is less neon pink and more wine-red, but still fuchsia and girly.  It has an old-school feel to it, I cannot describe it.  Nowadays, companies have come a long way in terms of formula.  I like it that OPI was finally able get down a semi-pearly finish on these, that was not brush-strokey at all.  I feel like these are both must-haves.

Layering Order:
2 coats OPI Kiss Me - or Elf! (index and ring)
2 coats OPI I Carol About You (middle and pinky)
Dior Gel Coat


  1. I am feeling really bleh about this entire collection. So disappointed... But then I think that leaves money for other polishes to get!

  2. Great picks I think they look good! :-)

    I'm waiting to see more swatches before I decide on my buys :-)

  3. Stunning! I can't wait to see more of these, press photos do very little justice to these.
    I love purple and reds together.