Friday, August 15, 2014

Oil Slick Mani

This is more of an informative post, as the pictures do not really convey how awesome foils are in real life.  Well at least mine don't, I had the hardest time photographing them.  I recall a few years back, I got excited about foils and ordered some from Transdesign (now Nails US?), and they did not work at all.  I googled nail foil troubleshoot and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  Then, I asked my friend Sue to buy me a special glue from the UK, because at the time, foils were more popular in Europe, and I thought, maybe if I get the right glue, I can get this right.  When that didn't work either, I gave up altogether, but not before buying these awesome Jones Tones foils on Amazon and storing them in my "Nail Art To Do" drawer.  I took them out of the dark a couple this May (see better pic here), and I was amazed at how they transferred in an instant.  So it wasn't the glue, or the technique, it was the foils!  These ones actually work, and are probably cheaper and easier to find online, than the ones that are supposed to be designed for nails.  I've included a picture at the bottom of what the box looks like.  They are so easy to use, there are tons of tutorials on youtube and the only problem seems to be the topcoat afterwards.  I went a day without topcoat (an afternoon, really) and it's not worth it, because they get dull really fast and the whole mani loses its charm.  Moreover, they are porous, so it's like wearing glue on your nails, and they will stick to everything, especially random lint or furry surfaces, and it's just a bad idea.  More Nail Polish swears by Picture Polish Revolution (see here) as a topcoat.  I tried Nfu Oh Aqua Base, and it wasn't too bad, but it did wrinkle just a little bit.  The shiny finish stayed the same.  I'll have to report back if I ever get into foils, and buy another topcoat at some point.

Layering Order:
1 coat Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen Silver Chrome
1 coat Nail Foil Glue
Jones Tones Designer Set Foil Paper
1 coat Nfu Oh Aqua Base


  1. This is just so pretty! I love it :-D

  2. This is pretty and original ! Love it !
    Love layer nail polishes too :) !

  3. what is the bottle you're holding in the picture?

    1. This was a bottle of SH Hard as Nails Topcoat that I emptied out, then cracked open the SH Color Quick Pen and poured it in there. Then, carefully removed the sticker of the pen and pasted on the bottle. I know, I'm crazy! I did this with all those chrome pens, it was the only way I would ever use them :)