Thursday, May 29, 2014

Orly Ridgefiller Primer Basecoat Review

This will be a short review.  The product does what it is supposed to do.  However, it was really hard to apply, since it is almost an opaque white in one coat.  I could not think of any nail polish that I would use it for, other than for sheer yellows.  However, after I took these pics last week, I have mixed it (frankened this) with my Butter London Foundation, and I love it.  I have been using this mix and it works great, it makes my nails look smoother, and therefore, the topcoat looks glossier.  Equal parts of each of these ridgefillers make a perfect basecoat that hides both Visible Nail Line, and imperfections such as peelies and ridges.  One was too beige, not opaque enough, and the other was too white and too opaque, but together they are a perfect blend.  If you can work with tricky formulas, I still suggest to give this one a try by itself.  It might be worth it, perhaps for this season's neons, as well as other sheers.

Layering Order :
Orly Ridgefiller Primer Basecoat
3 coats L'Oreal Bananarama Love
Seche Vite Topcoat


  1. Interesting! But those smaller Orly bottles are so pricey and kind of irk me....

    1. I get them at Bed Bath & Beyond (mine has np) and I always bring coupons!

  2. Sounds good. You have a great finish on the L'Oreal :-)

  3. The primer basecoat seems like a good one. Love the nail color too.