Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NPB Glitter A-Peel review

I don't like removing black nail polish, especially the cheap one I use that leaves random stains.  I also have trouble with some blues and reds staining my nails, so I got this product to avoid stains.  Although, I think it is mostly intended for glitter removal, but I use the foil method and I don't mind it.  That being said, I've used Glitter A-Peel for glitters too and it works.  This is a peel off basecoat, and according to their website it is described as: "clear quick drying basecoat that is applied directly to the nail to enable you to peel off your manicure without damage to your nails".  That is all true, it does dry fast and you can do two coats for best results without waiting too much time between coats.  Update March 2015: I decided to do 1 coat instead, and for me, it still peels off easily without damaging the nails, and the manicure lasts more than with the 2 coats I was doing before [end update].  It does not damage the nail bed at all, that is also true; and to me, amazing.  I was always skeptical to try these peel-off basecoats thinking that I could ruin my nails, like I do when I try to peel off nail polish with the regular basecoats, or no basecoat at all.  This one is harmless, which is great.  Except for some of the ingredients though, as disclosed on their description, but I will not get into that now.  However, you cannot really control when you want to peel it.  I have tried it in several occasions, as I do before all of my reviews, and in different scenarios, so that I can be as objective as possible.  This will just randomly start peeling at the corner of any nail, and given my personality, I start peeling the whole thing after seeing what looks like a 'chip'; and there it goes, my whole manicure is useless with a naked nail in sight.  It is usually several hours after I've worn something, it really depends on the activities I do and how many times I wash my hands, I guess; but like I said it is random, and I cannot pin point what makes it peel and what doesn't.  I love it to avoid stains, which is why I got it in the first place, and for a night out when I want to wear heavy glitters and avoid removal.  It is perfect for that, but being aware and having full consent that it will peel off usually sooner than I expect it.  This is great for a few hours (say 6 or 8), but if I'm using some expensive nail polish or a HTF, and I want it to last 2 days, I will not reach for this.  I am finding myself using it a lot for accent nails on ring as well, since that's a finger that is rarely used, and I find that it is less likely to peel before I expect it.  One last thing, I learned the hard way that Glitter A-Peel will not work (will not peel at all), if you attempt to use any other basecoat under it, so if you want to protect your nails or use a treatment, that is not an option.  So there you go, it depends on your expectations and your personality.  If you are not too anal or a control freak, then this is for you ha ha.  I was thinking to myself that just like their Glitter Food, it helps, but it is not perfect or a wonder product.  I got mine directly from NPB, they shipped fast, although Llarowe also carries it.

Layering Order:
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1 coat Wet n Wild Black Creme
Barielle Manicure Extender


  1. Wondered about this as far as does it stay on a few days til you initiate the peeling....good to know. I bought clear Elmer's months ago, but haven't worked up the nerve to try it as a peel off glitter base....Yet. :D

    1. glad I could help! definitely try the glue, because I heard it is different than this!

  2. I love Your nails!