Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Enchanted purple-themed mani

I like procrastinating in January, so this is Friday's post D:  I'm so sorry to my lovely readers, but you might get a few late posts this month.  This mani was inspired by one of my Facebook friends, Erin.  It is similar to the one that I posted on Thursday.  She always does these well-coordinated different-colored nails and I think it's super unique, and it also allows for creativity to flow.  She should have a blog, she has so many great ideas.  I like it because I can get through my untrieds faster, and the glitter removal is reduced to half.  I also get to save the nail polishes that are limited or HTF (like the one on my index), yet still enjoy them for a day or two.  If you love trying new things, then this is definitely a way to spice things up.

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
2 coats Enchanted Polish Awesomeness (index)
2 coats Enchanted Polish Mercy (middle and pinky)
2 coats Enchanted Polish October (ring)
1 coat China GlazeFang-tastic (ring)
1 coat Sea Lore Springing Seahorse (ring)
OPI DS Topcoat


  1. I found I'm doing similar things to get through untrieds and not have to remove glitter from all 10 fingers...

    Awesomeness continues to taunt me. I missed it in one blog sale by a matter of hours, contacting the person in the evening and she added Awesomeness the following day (and of course it was immediately snapped up). To compensate, I have purchased just about every other purple holo in existence, pretty much..

    Ironically I went through all my pics of my nails on my cell phone, and couldn't remember which purple holos were which. LOL

    1. Yes, if you like purple holos you've come to the right place ^.^

      Awesomeness is so pretty, but VHTF, I actually just have a mini decant and want the full size!

    2. Maybe someday... It's like a damn unicorn lol

  2. I really love this look! They all work together nicely and plus, I just love purples. Mercy is probably my favorite out of these. It's such a lovely shade.

    1. I'm really glad you guys like the look, I'm always open to trying new things, but always wondering if my readers will like it.

  3. Love this for so many reasons! Thank you so much for giving me credit--this mani is all you! Thank you for being such a sweet friend.