Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ninja Polish Alexandrite is a rare gem

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post yesterday.  I spilled coffee on my keyboard while I was chatting with my friend Sue about nail polish and how she was going to buy me a rolex if she actually did win the Euro Lottery jackpot.  I did clean it right away and it was working fine, but the coffee must have sunk in or something overnight, because this morning it was not working at all.  So I had to go get a new keyboard, and now my laptop is no longer portable :/ but I can access my pictures, so that's a relief.  I got this in a group, I think I bought it, not sure if I swapped for it.  It used to be sold at Ninja Polish, but it is now discontinued.  It's so beautiful, but a bit hyped up.  Yes, it's unique, but I think with some imagination I could layer it up and get a similar effect, but I've yet to try it so I could be wrong.  It's packed with color-shifting shimmer, so you only need one coat over a dark color to get this effect; and that's what I love about it.  I wish it had holo dust in it, now that would make it incredible :)

Layering Order:
1 coat Barielle Tres Chic
1 coat Ninja Polish Alexandrite
Models Own 3 in 1 Topcoat


  1. Wow was not expecting that shift in picture 5. Pretty :) Perfect swatches and pix as always :)

    1. Thank you so much! Although it is a thousand times better in real life :)

  2. What ho?
    Bloody hell! I am terribly sorry old chap! Awfully dreadful dear.

    I can't think of any more English cliches to say! Love the polish xx

    1. ha ha OMG that first one does not sound good here in America :)