Sunday, November 24, 2013

Love, Preview Event

Hey guys, remember that event I was talking about a couple of weeks ago? (here)  Well, I attended and I had a lot of fun, but don't take my word for it, join us next year!  Sign up for reminders at the bottom of the Love, Preview page (here).  The best part about this kind of events is that you get to meet the artists behind the brands and also get to preview stuff that they don't even have in the stores yet; in my case, I found a purple Dandy holo that was not up for sale yet.  I also got a Lacquer Lust holo and I completely avoided the restock and crazy refreshing.  It was wonderful.  You also get to meet other nail polish collectors and great people in the industry.  Definitely my favorite part was seeing exclusive nail polishes that were only sold that night.  I have included pictures below of Serum No.5 Love, Preview at two coats plus topcoat, this was the exclusive lacquer for that brand.  It was an easy to apply dark crelly with lots of gold glitter and blue glow in the dark pigment.  I can't wait for the next event.


Top: Black Cat Lacquer (left) and Abivan Polish (right)
Bottom: Painted Polish (left) and Lacquer Lust (right)

Sea Lore

Lumina Lacquer

Serum No. 5

Victoria Dao: creator of Serum No. 5 and organizer of Love, Preview



  1. Purple Dandy holo what what?! I'd like to see that! This event looks cool. I love those acrylic display shelves, have a couple of those, one dedicated to my Zoyas...

    1. It was This Real Forever, and I got to meet the creator of Dandy, she was super nice!