Wednesday, June 19, 2013

K's Franken

This jelly franken was made by K.  I love it, it is a perfect two coater and the perfect basecolor for Flamingo Freckles.  K is a friend of mine that shares the same nail polish obsession as me.  We send each other packages every month, with things we want the other one to try.  I usually buy duplicates of something that I think is awesome, so that I can later send it to her, and so does she.  You could say she is my nail polish fairy too, because some of the most amazing swatches on this blog have been gifts from K.  Moreover, she has contributed a lot to this blog, by giving me her advice about layering combinations.  Her ideas are always well received, and it is usually things I had never thought of.  I owe a lot to her, and in this post, I want to say *Thanks!*

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
Butter London Nail Foundation basecoat
2 coats K's Franken
Hong Kong Girl Topcoat

BONUS PICTURES - K's Franken with one coat of
Enchanted Polish Flamingo Freckles


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