Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barielle Matte-inee


Barielle Matte-inee is a matte topcoat that gives a nice cloudy, satin finish to almost any nail polish.  I usually like to mattify glitters, so I've Layered this over one of the glitters from the Barielle Dazzling Diamonds set that I previously reviewed here.  I really like the way this topcoat smooths out the surface of the glitters, while providing a different look to them.  It didn't change the color of the Essie I was wearing under the glitter, and it dried rather fast.  This one can be worn over a freshly done manicure or the next day to spice things up.  Overall, the formula was great, not watery or goopy, there was not a significant chemical smell, and I know that Barielle products are 3-free, so you can rest assured that they are made without any harsh chemicals.  I liked this topcoat a lot.  It looks great, especially in the shade.  Barielle is currently hosting a giveaway, it ends in 4 days, so click here if you want to participate.

Where to order: color chart here

Layering Order:
2 coats Essie Keeping my maiden name
1 coat Barielle Purple Hearts
Barielle Matte-inee

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