Monday, May 6, 2013

Holographics Week: Fnug Psychedelic

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I was looking at this year's post and I noticed that I haven't done a theme week in ages.  Since holographics are all the rage right now, I felt that this was appropriate.  So grab your sunglasses and fasten your seatbelts for this week's posts!  Let's start with the most blinding one: Fnug.  I think I can almost see a double rainbow in these pictures.  Amazing.  This is stronger than all the silver holographics I own, including 509 and Greta.  I was blown away on the very first coat.  It requires only two coats for opacity, but I wanted to use 3 just to be safe, making sure that I covered all the bald spots.  I love it so much (Thank you K!), it is so magical in the sun.  This one is definitely a must have.

Layering Order:
Nfu Oh Aqua Base
3 coats Fnug Psychedelic
no topcoat in these pictures