Wednesday, March 27, 2013

OPI Nail Envy and Peelies

Ok this looks... different.  Yeap, it's my right hand, clearly not trained for blogging yet, but I'll get there with practice.  I'm showing you this because I have always been afraid to show my nails on this hand, until now.  I've never had a decent-looking right index!  It is always shorter than the others.  It never grew and it would always break, due to weekness because of peelies (you know, when the nail opens up in layers? ouch!).  Well, for those of you who have this problem, I can tell you that there is hope.  I started using OPI Nail Envy a couple of months ago --yes, even under the aqua base for holos, always, did not miss a day-- and now, behold:

Edit 08/31/15 This doesn't really help long term.  After 2 years of using it every day, I noticed that my nails have peelies, they are britte, and they break often.  Moreover, it has formaldehyde in the ingredients.  I will discontinue use.

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
Nfu Oh Aqua Base
2 coats Layla Cloudy Violet
Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat


  1. My mom tried it and it worked for her too. Glad it helped you!

  2. May i know which type of nail envy? Coz there are few types of nail envy. Thanks