Monday, February 25, 2013

Refreshing Pays Off

Hey lovelies!  did you know that Elevation creates these excusive nail polishes each month called "Samples"? they are coveted in the nail polish community because they are hard to get.  You must be prepared to hit the refresh button 200 to 500 times! On their last restock I scored this baby.

Layering Order:
3 coats Elevation Sample FE # 10
Models Own 3 in 1 Topcoat

BONUS PICTURES - FE # 10 with Models Own Snowflakes


  1. Oooooh love the combo and lucky you on the score of the sample!!

  2. fabulous! I think I tried to snag this one and missed out!!!

  3. Lucky girl, congratulations!!! It's gorgeous on you!

  4. great score, and your combo is so insanely pretty!! i need to try something similar on my nails asap (;

  5. OMG seriously, is that how the samples work? I got one in my last order and I don't remember selecting it... I emailed Lulu because I was confused! lol Also I think I might've got one of the recall Rapa Nui's.