Friday, January 18, 2013

Wintery Nails

A couple of months ago I asked Lauri from CrowsToes to make me a custom nail polish that was similar to Bunny Slope, but with my two favorite colors (pink & purple), and since she's awesome, she said yes.  It was exactly how I had pictured it!  I loved it so much that I am currently using it as a background for my blog.  The formula of this glitter requires a lot of patience, and it is super gritty, but the result --after lots of topcoat-- is worth it.  I find CrowsToes really fitting for me, I like that they are packed with so much glitter.  The glitters are super sparkly and I had never had any issues with curling or anything like that.  I haven't tried the newer collections, but the few that I have from when it all begin are just adorable.  Speaking of adorable, how cute is this mani?  You can get CrowsToes here and here.

Layering Order:
OPI Nail Envy
2 coats Bettina Peppermint
1 coat MAC Vestral White (tips only)
1 coat CrowsToes custom
2 coats Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
1 coat Barielle Manicure Extender
Hong Kong Girl Topcoat


  1. This is gorgeous! It looks so awesome as your blog background.

  2. very pretty! lovely custom. i have to use my bunny slope before winter is over.. totally forgot about it :)

  3. oh man, i want your custom!!!!!