Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Hands Motherboy is the perfect pastel glitter

I wore this over a pastel blue a while ago, and decided that this was best suited for the cool weather.  Now that the windows are frosty, I thought it was the right time.  I cannot stress how perfect this color combination is.  At least for me, it is pefection.  It doesn't need anything else.  I tried different layering combinations and the only one that I didn't like was over grey, but it looks great over most cremes, especially if they are cool toned.  I love this nail polish so much.  I think I got it on a whim when the indie frenzy began, but I'm glad I did.  This came really packed (think CrowsToes) so I had to add some NPB Glitter Food and lots of thinner; the end result was this:

Layering Order:
Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
2 coats Zoya Mira
1 coat Happy Hands Motherboy
1 coat Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat
no topcoat in these pictures


  1. Love it. Very pretty.

    Happy New Year!! Here's to many more polishes and awesomeness in our lives!

  2. Ahh I've seen this polish around a lot lately and I LOVE it. It's so gorgeous! Wonderful combo.

  3. Best swatches of Motherboy I think I've seen--this combination really shows off the delicate, colourful glitters! I love this whole collection, really--time for me to start stalking Happy Hands! ;)