Monday, November 5, 2012

OPI The Man with the Golden Gun is the newest gold leaf topcoat

I say newest, because there was a gold flakies topcoat a long time ago.  It was in vogue right around the time that I started blogging, click here to see it.  I used to love it, but I wasn't in love with the price tag.  This one retails for about the same ($30) but I did get it for less at my Beauty Supply store, for some reason.  I got the last one they had, I really liked the bottle, so I went for it.  I liked the formula, but the finish is not glossy, so you must add topcoat to it... errr then it's not really a topcoat eh? more like a gold leaf topper, I guess.  This looks really odd to some people, but when they ask and you say "it's real gold", they go "ohhhh" :)

Layering Order:
2 coats a england Tess D'Urbervilles
2 coats OPI The Man with the Golden Gun
Barielle Manicure Extender


  1. I bought this polish and the new Essie 18K top coat polish. I think I like the one you posted a long time ago. The flakes on it look larger.

  2. I really really love this one, but I can't convince myself to get it, that pricetag is just too much:[ Great combination though!!

  3. i am waiting for mine, love your swatches!

  4. it looks great! I saw it in store last week. I wanted to get it but the price is a bit high...however, if I don't get it, I'm pretty sure I'll regret. So I'll probably grab it this week or next week :D
    I love your combo!

  5. I think we use the same camera ;) Impossible not to get it in the pics of this one!

  6. This is really pretty. A little disappointing that a topcoat is needed for the $30 topcoat. Thank you so much for mentioning that, because other reviews have not.