Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Incoco Vanishing Act

This is part of the new Fall 2012 Collection, although I see it more as a holiday manicure.  Wouldn't this be perfect for that office Christmas party?  or even for New Years Eve with a black dress.  I know I'm thinking way ahead, but this to me just screams December evenings.  I wore it during the day and it was fantastic as well, this is so glittery and just classy, I love it.  Plus I love gradients, and Incoco does an amazing job with these.  I've posted purple, blue and pink gradients from Incoco before and they have all been perfection.  Vanishing Act was as easy to apply as all the other glitter nail appliques that I've tried from Incoco.  I think that this didn't even take me 10 minutes.  When I wore these, I was in a hurry, and this was just so effortless.  I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door, no dents or smudges, since this is dry nail polish.  Very versatile, definitely worth having these around for special occasions and moments when you don't have time to polish.   I hope you checked out my post on Sunday about their new Halloween Collection, it promises to be amazing, please click here to view it.

Where to order: http://www.incoco.com/ color chart here

Layering Order:Incoco Nail Applique Vanishing Act (Glitter)
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures