Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pa AA01 dolphin shaped glitter

I can't believe I haven't posted this nail polish yet.  It has a shape of glitter that I have yet to see in other nail polishes, very unique.  I'm not sure my Feifei swatch does it justice, but in real life this combo was stunning.  Too much light perhaps, it was not easy to photograph.  If you love Dolphins like me, I highly recommend The Cove, but make sure you have a box of kleenex handy.  You can check out how to save dolphin's here (why? see vid here).  When I took evolutionary biology, I learned about how fascinating these creatures are, and I appreciated them even more, which is why I don't want them to dissapear; sounds corny, but I want my grandchildren to see them.  Ironically, the documentary was filmed in Japan and this is a Japanese nail polish.

Layering Order:
3 coats Zoya FeiFei
1 coat Pa AA01
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures


  1. How AWESOME! Definitely have never seen dolphin glitter before =)

  2. That is so adorable. I love dolphins.

  3. So cool! I have never seen dolphin shaped glitter :) I too love dolphins and I don't think its corny at all, its a very important cause!
    (Ironically my evolutionary bio class in uni dissected a dolphin in lab.. but we found it after it had already died of natural causes washed up on the beach.. so I think its okay.. it was for science).

  4. so crazy! I've never seen dolphin glitter before! really adorable though:]

  5. That's so cool! Dolphin shaped glitter! Way too cute!

  6. holy goodness I NEED this. dolphin glitter?! amazing!