Sunday, September 30, 2012

Incoco Says Boo! Halloween 2012 Collection

Ok lovelies! I had to share, I mean look at this cuteness, Glow in the Dark nail appliques:

Sweet! turns out Incoco is bringing us a new Halloween Collection this year, as if last year's wasn't awesome enough :)

This Halloween, Incoco has a bewitching assortment of shades and designs for the season, from wicked green hues to haunting spider web patterns. Make these shades YOUR shades ­— coordinate with a creepy costume or wear them just for fun!
The must-haves in the collection are two glow-in-the-dark shades — an exciting first for real nail polish appliqu├ęs! Spellbound lights up the night with its ghostly glow, and Boo! is a delightfully charming mummy pattern created to spark peek-a-boo attention!
This is the other one that I think is unique from the new collection:
And these are from last year's Halloween Collection (they are still in stock): a candycorn design...
...and a cute orange pumpkins design!  check out Scrangie's swatch here.
Click here to shop the Halloween Collection now!