Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Candeo Colors Joker is another great topper for purple lovers

This one reminds me of Sonoma Sunset, I'm not sure which one is better.  Both are just great toppers and very dense at one coat.  The major difference I see is that Joker has navy blue glitter in it.  I layered it over another indie, Hare Twilight Savings, because I wasn't too sure if I liked the Hare on its own.  It's a murky shade of purple, and the glitter is plain silver, I wish it was holographic silver instead.  Neverthless, these two make the perfect purple pair,  This is an old manicure.  I hadn't posted this because these were so hard to find, especially the Candeo for me, I had to get it in a swap.  But now things are changing and indies are becoming more and more accesible to us nail polish junkies collectors.  As of today they are both in stock, so that's good to know.  The Hare can be found here and the Candeo here.

Layering Order:
2 coats Hare Twilight Savings
1 coat Candeo Colors Joker
Seche Vite Topcoat