Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guest Blogger of the Month - August 2012: Nail Polish Anon

I'm so excited for my guest today, she comes all the way from New Zealand!  I've always loved her blog, so much glittery stuff, and some stamping as well.  Her nails and her pictures are amazing.  I love the close ups she does, it helps me see the nail polish much better, plus her nails are gorgeous.  I like how she incorporates art in her manicures; one of my favorite posts from her blog is this one.  I've had the pleasure to interact with her several times via e-mail, and I must say she is one of the nicest, kind, and coolest people I know.  Not only is she a great blogger, but she is a great person.  I am so happy that she agreed to do this for me (last minute) and I can't thank her enough for being so awesome.  Here's what she brought for us today:

Please check out her blog:

"Hey guys, it's very exciting to be here on the 'Sparkly Vernis' - my go to blog for glitter layering!
I really am the last minute fill-in, so with 18 hours notice I put the uni work on the back burner (like I need an actual excuse!), and scanned my polish shelves for some inspiration.

I knew I had to do something glittery, and it's been a while since I did some sandwiching, plus I know Alex is drooling over Dollish Polish Hylian Princess (which just arrived at my house last week!) so everything fell in to place nicely.

I love the look of milky glitter sammies, so I started with a 2 coats of OPI Rumples Wiggin'.

Surprisingly this was my only (non greyed) pastel purple - how that happens with over 800 polishes, I do not know! I've seen critical reviews of the formula on this guy, actually the entire Shrek Collection. Apparently, RW is thick and streaky, but my bottle is perfection.

Next, I put on two coats of Dollish Polish Hylian Princess from the Legend of Zelda duo.

It's such a pretty gold and purple glitter mix! There's also some silver and matte white hexes in there too. If I were stopping here, I would have only used 1 coat because it's pretty packed with glitter after 2, but I was worried once I added the 'top' of the sandwich that the glitter wouldn't stand out; so better safe than sorry. And you can never really have too much glitter!

I really don't have many sheer milky polishes but luckily my Sassy Lacquers order arrived yesterday and inside was Sarahdipity.  It's a milky sheer lilac with matte white hex glitter. Basically the perfect match to Rumple's Wiggin'! So I carefully put on a layer (while trying my hardest not to pick up any of the glitter!!!) and here's the result:


Pretty freaking awesome right?! It just reminds me why I ought to do more than just swatch polish all the time!!! Thanks for the wee bit of pressure to impress Alex!!! It was just what I needed :)
The purple glitter looks so vivid and dreamy and the gold goes super yellow underneath the Sarahdipity - soooooooo cool.

I didn't want to stop here. Every nail blogger and their dog has been trying out Lucy's fish tail technique and I thought, "Jump on the bandwagon Michaela". (Yes, I'm a bit of an oddity, as one of the 10 year olds at work told me today, "You're strange!"). So for my accent nail I used Rumple's Wiggin' with China Glaze Grape Pop and Passion to make my own fishtail!

It took me two tries to get the fishtail looking half decent but it was fun! I'm always french braiding my hair, so the fish tail is right up my alley!

I hope you've enjoyed my guest post. Thanks for letting me stop by 'Alex'!!!!!"

Layering Order:
2 coats of OPI Rumples Wiggin'
2 coats Dollish Polish Hylian Princess
1 coat Sassy Lacquers Sarahdipity
China Glaze Grape Pop (ring only)
China Glaze Passion (ring only)
Out the Door Topcoat