Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chemistry 58 a shimmery pink with blue hues

I received this beautiful pink from the Amazing Claire.  She feeds all my chemistry lemmings (lemmings: slang for nail polish wants).  This Aussie nail polish is packed with purple microshimmer, hard to compare it to anything else I own.  In the bottle it looks like purple, but to my surprise, it was a hot pink, very summery!

Layering Order:
Barielle Hydrating Ridgefiller
2 coats Chemistry 58
Barielle Manicure Extender


  1. Hi, I liked your blog, it looks interesting! I offer you my sincere friendship!=)
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  2. ooh very pretty - reminds me of my orly gorgeous which i have yet to try

  3. it makes me think of ChG Reggae to Riches! looks very pretty on you

  4. Wow that a vivid blue (purple) shimmer. I bet it would be a good base for BL disco biscuit (which is sheer!!!!) I can't wait to see what you layer on top ;)

  5. I love Claire! Also, this polish is pretty ;)

  6. ^^ Awwww Reece!! *squish*
    This looks fantastic :) I definitely wouldn't have expected it to look like this from the bottle!! Suits you!

  7. Love this one!!!