Monday, July 2, 2012

Incoco Stars & Stripes

As promised, here are pictures of one of the new Incoco Nail Appliques from their All Stars Collection.  Be sure to also check out their new Summer Collection, which looks amazing.  This was very easy to apply and it turned quite a few heads.  Everyone loved my nails, and thought that I had done them myself.  I love the glitter, it's super sparkly, but at the same time the blue is dark enough to match perfectly with the red.  They really did a great job with this design, I love it that it's not just a predictable flag, it's very unique and fun.  I definitely recommend these for the 4th of July, it's really gorgeous on the nails, saves a lot of time, and it will not chip when you're making your holiday preparations.

Where to order: color chart here

Layering Order:
Incoco Stars & Stripes
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures