Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty with glitter

I'm still not over yellows, this time I brought you a very established one.  Yellow nail polish is hard to apply for some reason, at least for me, but I found that this particular one (decanted in another bottle, with a better brush) works fine.  I loved the look of it with just the pink glitter, but I felt like it needed more color.

Layering Order:
3 coats Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty
1 coat China Glaze Doll House
1 coat Ulta Pinata-yada-yada
Barielle Manicure Extender

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Models Own Purple Blue by itself

This is great layered over metallic purple, but I couldn't take good pictures when I wore it like that, so I decided to redo it on its lonesome.  I still like it, but the base color is a really murky brown, which is not my style.  I do love the color shifting effect and I was glad with these pics.

Layering Order:
3 coats Models Own Purple Blue
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

If your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond sells nail polish, you might want to check again, the one close to my house just added a small section of LA Splash and I found some really cute glitters like this one.

Layering Order:
1 coat Revlon Royal
2 coats LA Splash Midnight Rain
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nicole count on me over purple to bring out the multichromatic effect in it

A friend of mine sent me these two nail polishes and asked me to layer them: Verity Deep Violet and Nicole Count on Me.  I trust her, so I did it to see what happened.  I'm so glad with the results.

Layering Order:
2 coats Verity B12 Deep Violet
2 coats Nicole Count on Me
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

BONUS PICTURES - Verity Deep Violet by itself at two coats!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Incoco Perfect Prom Purple - Limited Edition

Remember the pink gradient and the blue gradient that I showed you a couple of weeks ago? well this new Limited Edition gradient is purple, and the perfect purple no less.  It's not red-based or leaning too blue, it's a gorgeous violet glitter that gradually becomes a light sparkly lilac.  Amazing, easy to apply and very girly.  If you love purple and sparkly nails like me, I highly recommend that you try this, and if you love Incoco, you might want to stock up, before it is discontinued.

Where to order: color chart here

Layering Order:
Incoco Perfect Prom Purple
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barielle Girl's Nite Out

The name of this nail polish is so appropriate, I would totally wear this for a night out with friends.  I really thought it was purple, to be honest, from the swatch on their website, but hey that's what blogs are here for ;) I'm here to tell you though that it is a gorgeous raspberry, very saturated and the application was effortless.  Barielle sure knows how to make cremes, I am loving this one.

Where to order: color chart here

Layering Order:
2 coats Barielle Girl's Nite Out
Barielle Manicure Extender

BONUS PICTURES - Barielle Girl's Nite Out with Nfu Oh 083

Monday, May 21, 2012

Icing Hit the Lights a Summer-ready nail polish

I had always overlooked yellows, but since Summer is almost here, I am starting to wear them and really learning to appreciate them.  When I was at the mall last week I thought well let's get this one, see what happens.  I'm so glad I did, I didn't think it would look good against my skintone, but I was wrong.  This is so summery, I love it.  This is one of those glitter nail polishes that sparkles a bit more in the shade (4th picture) which was a plus for me.  I tried it by itself just to check the opacity, but I stopped at 5 coats, because it seemed it was never going to cover very well.  Here I layered it over white.

Layering Order:
2 coats Ulta Angel Baby
2 coats Icing by Claire's Hit the Lights
1 coat Glitter Tamer
no basecoat or topcoat in these pictures

Incoco Beautiful Spring Giveaway - Announcing the Winners!

Yay \o/ 87 people entered and 10 winners were chosen, they have all be contacted and already gave me their addresses, except for Aliyah Abdul.  I'll wait a couple of days, if she fails to reply I will draw again for Wild Lilac.  Congrats to all the winners! thank you all for entering <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bikini Bottom Sandwich

I had no idea RBL had such a glossy jelly.  I instantly thought Jelly Sandwich!  I used a mini bottle of  glitter that came in this set, it's the one in the middle, sorry it has no name.  Again with the no name, what is it with some companies?  Seriously, there should be some kind of rule, no name, you cannot sell that merchandise! ha ha... I am really into jellies lately, I feel like when I started collecting holographics, always in search of that perfect nail polish that satisfies my craving.

Layering Order:
Qtica Basecoat
2 coats Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
1 coat Claire's no name blue glitter
1 coat Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom
no topcoat in these pictures

Friday, May 18, 2012

Anna Sui 208 and 380 a great pink pairing

208 has a blue flash that was hard to capture in pictures, it's very similar to China Glaze Tantalize Me, really nice if you like cool-toned pinks.  380 is just gorgeous, delicate, I didn't even use anything to tame the glitter as I usually do, I just applied Anna Sui topcoat, which by the way was a huge dissapointment because it has no scent, like all their nail polishes do.  Nevertheless, this combination was a win for me.


Layering Order:
Qtica Basecoat
2 coats Anna Sui 208
1 coat Anna Sui 380
Anna Sui Topcoat