Saturday, January 7, 2012

Recollections Glitter Frost is a dreamy blue

I do franken, but when I got these I didn't have frankening in mind.  I wanted to practice a technique that I had almost forgotten.  I'm not sure what it's called, sprinkling maybe?  Either way, I like the fact that it looks different from regular glitter nail polish.  I would definitely recommend this activity if you have a bit of free time on your hands.  I took my mom to an Arts and Crafts store called Michaels, and when I saw these Recollections glitters my heart almost stopped, I heard an angel choir and my lips started moving like the little green marcians from Toy Story: "Ohhhh"... I included lots of pictures, because I was really proud of my work this time, the third picture is not color accurate, but I liked the artsy feel of it, so I left it there.

Layering Order:
Nailtek Foundation II
1 coat OPI Funny Bunny
Recollections Frost (sprinkled before OPI FB dried)
Yellow Stars
2 coats Glitter Tamer
Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat

BONUS PICTURE - My Glittery Haul!


  1. This is very pretty, I bouht some purple microbeads to do some nail art with, haven't got round to trying yet though! This Has inspired me to get them out. I love the stars, & colour combo is perfect. :-)

  2. Soooo much glitter! I love it! I can't wait to see the rest of them.

  3. love the mani, it looks so delicate & beautiful. i've considered buying those glitters before, let me know how they work for you!!:]

  4. @ Fab Fingertips.: yay \o/ I love inspiring!

    @ Laura: sooo much, and I didn't make a huge dent with this mani, so these will last a while.

    @ SeeSarahSwatch: I'm still experimenting, but this one (Frost) does melt in nail polish.

  5. Oh. My. GOD. That is GORGEOUS. Can I have you come over and do my nails? I can never do my nails so prettily. (Okay, you can't. You live in CO, which I'm a little jealous of. I used to live there and I loved the skyline and the predictable weather. Hated the blizzards, the cold, and the tornado season, but loved the skyline. Where I am now, IS FLAT AS A PANCAKE in terms of skylines. Boring!)

    How do you get the stars on without ruining your mani? I would totally ruin my mani!

  6. @ Katie: I try to place the stars slowly ;)

  7. just nominated you for cute blog award!

  8. how much does it cost a collection like that??